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Join Us in Asking God to Help South Florida

Today We Watch as South Florida Floods Over with Crime, Vice, Drugs, Dissension and Lack of Faith in God.

How Does That Make You Feel? Hopefully Not Good!

Are You Willing to Be Part of the Solution?

We Can’t Change South Florida Overnight, But We Need to Start Somewhere!


We need each other and God more than ever!

Mark Your Calendars & Join Us for a Scheduled Virtual Prayer on Zoom.

Announcing new date soon!

We look forward to connecting and praying with you online!


Why Should I Attend?

  • Meet Fellow People of Faith and Expand Your Network!
  • It’s Free!
  • God is Watching and Ready to Help!
  • We All Need Prayers!
  • Why Pray Alone When Others Will be Praying for You?