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Inviting People From Different Faiths to Join Us in Prayer

We Can’t Change South Florida Overnight, But We Need to Start Somewhere!

Miami Rooftop Prayers is a movement of those who believe in the power of prayer to change things in South Florida.  We believe that God answers the prayers of those who believe, and what better way to do this than to gather once a month on rooftops throughout South Florida and pray?

It is a non-denominational movement with all faiths welcome.  Starting with one rooftop in Coral Gables, we pray that our movement will expand to numerous rooftops throughout South Florida.


As we navigate through the current crisis, we must keep
faith during these dark days.

We need each other and God more than ever!

Mark Your Calendars & Join Us for a Scheduled Virtual Prayer on Zoom.

Topic: Rooftop Virtual Prayer
Date & Time: March 3, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Time

Join Zoom Prayer at this link:

Meeting ID: 749 0755 2938
Password: 5TtecJ

We look forward to connecting and praying with you online!


There are 722 Hours in a Month.

Could You Donate One Hour a Month to God and Our City?

All You Need to Do Is Show Up and Meet Fellow Believers from All Faiths.

Simply Write Down Two Prayers!
One for yourself and One For Our Community. That’s It!
It's Simple.
No Study, No Prep.
Just Come with a Heart for South Florida and Your Fellow Believers.

We Can’t Change South Florida Overnight, But We Need to Start Somewhere!

Parting Thought:
A Turtle Goes No Where Until It Sticks Its Neck Out.
Let’s Stick Our Necks Out for South Florida.
Starting Slow Like the Turtle and Gaining Momentum Over the Coming Months and Years!