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The Tale of the Visine Cocktail

How do you cut someone off?

This was roughly 25 years ago, by my reckoning.

It was time for hospitality law class at FIU. Dr. Tony Marshall was dynamic, demanding and charismatic. The topic that day: sensible service of alcoholic beverages.

Tony drilled the class on what to do when someone’s had too much:

            Tell the customer “I’ll get in trouble if I serve you any more.”

            Serve watered-down drinks or mock cocktails.

            Call security or the manager.

Tony asked the class for other ideas. One student—who at the time worked for me as well as serving at a club on South Beach—raised her hand.

“A few drops of Visine in their last drink does the trick. They stagger off to the bathroom for some Montezuma’s revenge. After that, they leave right away.”

Tony asked the student where she worked.

“Bill Hansen Catering!” 

Have you ever been accused in public of something you didn’t do? 

Your first reaction may be to get mad—or get even. 

Wait a minute.

Won’t that lower you to the same level as your accuser?

A few days later, I heard what happened from another student. My first reaction was to clear the air with Tony, who also was the dean—and my boss. Maybe even come to the classroom and set the matter straight.

So, what did I do?

David, Psalm 16:8

I keep my eyes
always on the LORD.
With him at my
right hand,
I will not be shaken.
I knew God had my back. My conscience was clear.

Visine was a dirty trick used on South Beach back in that era. Dean Marshall and the students at FIU knew me well enough to know I didn’t roll that way.

The modern style for false accusations is to buzz on social media like angry bees coming in for the sting.

Let’s face it, people can be gossipy and vindictive.

BUT. . . .

The moment you let them sap your energy, they’ve won! 

Next time this happens to you, step back, take a breath and let God deal with it.

God gives you eagle’s wings to fly above any mess, while the chickens and crows battle it out down below in squawking voices.

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