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Have You Ever Been Led into a Situation Where You Felt Highly Uncomfortable?

Serving lunch to 625 kids at a Catholic High School. Hmm. Not exactly featured on my Ten-Year Plan. When the ...
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Setbacks, Setups, and Comebacks

Leading Caterers of America . . . #1 on Yahoo for a time during the mid-’90s with its niche key ...
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So Bad I Could Taste It

Hugh Carter’s secretary nudged me towards the bushes on the front lawn of the White House. I was not to ...
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Ready, Set . . . Speak!

What was I going to say? How was I going to say it?  How would I remember what to say? ...
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The Best Catered Feast is Always Free

October 1980. 200 attorneys at Vizcaya. The word “challenge” doesn’t begin to cover it. My first catering job and there ...
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The Tale of the Visine Cocktail

How do you cut someone off? This was roughly 25 years ago, by my reckoning. It was time for hospitality ...
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The Greatest Runners in History

Easter Sunday, 2019 2,000 years ago, Mary Magdalene ran to John and Peter with the news. The grave was empty. ...
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Weaned on a Pickle

The party was over. It was time to be paid.   “Follow me, Beall.” (She couldn’t say Bill.)  Up the ...
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The Meaning of GRACE

Today is the day, some 2,000 years ago, when Jesus fulfilled his mission, which was to die in our place ...
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The Right Hat for the Job

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Uh-oh, Bill. Not again. Every Memorial Day in my hometown of Holland, ...
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