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The Best Catered Feast is Always Free

October 1980.

200 attorneys at Vizcaya.

The word “challenge” doesn’t begin to cover it.

My first catering job and there were thousands of obstacles and pitfalls. A demanding group. Stairs. No elevators. Wind and rain. Long walks from the temp kitchen to the guests. Strict rules. And no shelter from the elements. 

A caterer’s nightmare.

We did our job and we were paid in full, but when I recollect how we catered then, compared to the smooth operation we have now, I’m the guy kicking his heels.

“We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

Systems. Procedures. A dynamite team of culinary, ops and sales professionals. . . all working together seamlessly to produce events that delight our guests.

Unlike our early days of sometimes misfires and misfits. 

Your walk with the Lord is always one of progress, even if sometimes you feel you’re back in 1980 with your Chevy backfiring.

Acts 2:41

Those who accepted his message
were baptized,
and about three thousand
were added to
their number that day.

Three thousand newbies signing up for their walks with the Lord. What a powerful day in history!

From these early believers, Christianity spread like wildfire—led by Peter who became the first Pope, Paul, and countless others who forged new paths for the Jews and Gentiles alike.

From a few thousand followers a few thousand years ago, millions around the world now walk with the Lord. 

How about you?

Are you a baby Christian, as I was once a baby caterer?

Are you someone who worships weekly, prays and reads the Bible daily?

Or are you somewhere in between?

As we become more and more like Jesus, we’re all on the road to sanctification. 

And with another Easter in your rearview mirror, you have the assurance of that catered feast in Heaven.

It’s free for the asking.
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