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The Best Lemonade You’ll Ever Taste

At that point, lemonade was nowhere on the menu. We were bidding on a five-day contract for a major firm ...
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Martin Really Knew His Stuff

You might have seen this somewhere. Maybe even lots of time. Martin Luther said it. “I have lots to do ...
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How Loud Would You Cheer?

Things have been jumpin’ around here lately! (If you were at the big concert, you’ll know what a pun that ...
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What If Someone Wanted To Make A Movie Of Your Life?

I was being interviewed.Putting me even more on the spot, I was being filmed.This took place in our home in ...
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The Car Rental Contract That Was Smarter Than me

“West Maui’s Road to Hana.”That’s what some call it. The north shore of West Maui—if you’ve ever been to Maui, ...
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Your Next One-Ton Unit of Death & Destruction

The Big Five-Oh.Fifty years. That’s how long I’ve been managing and leading teams of people.Longer, actually.In 1968, at the tender ...
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Working Your Way Through Dense Fog

Cape Cod in the summer of ’67. Sun, surf and sand. Susan and I were dating, taking long walks on ...
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How To Choose The Right Heart Medicine

He was too young to die.Gone at the age of 59, leaving my mom and me behind.Medical advances since that ...
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Whoops, I Did It Again!

The police officer peered through my car window at 2 AM. “Let me see your driver’s license and registration,” he ...
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Would YOU Make Front Page Headlines?

"Where’s Melissa?”One day in early 1994 I posed this question to one of my event managers. “Oh, she decided to ...
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