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The Right Hat for the Job

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Uh-oh, Bill. Not again.

Every Memorial Day in my hometown of Holland, New York, our American Legion club stages a parade through town.

Those marching down Main Street proudly wear the cap of Legion Post 607.

One year I realized I’d left my hat in my hotel room ten miles away. Speeding back to get it, I caught the attention of a local police officer.

I told him about the missing hat and the parade. Possibly to test my honesty, he asked where I’d served my country. He probably expected me to say “Viet Nam.”

I looked at him and said, “I ran the officers’ clubs in California.” 

(For a local in Western New York, California may as well be a foreign country.)

Maybe the cops didn’t pull you over, but have you ever sweated through a wardrobe emergency for a highly important occasion?

Like my friend, who discovered his tux shirt was not in the bag with his tux 30 minutes before his wedding?

Or the bride who discovered—four hours before the ceremony, on a Sunday, when all the right shops were closed—that her wedding dress had been stolen from her car?

Exodus 12:11

And thus you shall eat it:
with a belt on your waist,
your sandals on your feet,
and your staff in your hand.
So, you shall eat it in haste.
It is the LORD’s Passover.

For the Jews celebrating Passover, their attire was so important it was given its own passage in Exodus.

Back in Holland, NY, the officer let me off without a ticket. I was late for the parade, running to catch up with my hat perched snugly on my head.

The tux emergency was solved by a quick trip to Neiman’s. My friend is still happily married. (Not sure he ever told his wife.)

And, for the case of the stolen dress. . . .

The wedding planner reached a salon owner at home, who dropped everything and dressed the bride in a stunning white gown. She was late for her wedding. In my role as caterer, I made sure the cocktails flowed. Despite the delay, her wedding guests were all in excellent cheer for the ceremony.

When we really need to dress the part, our Holy Father will come through for us. We simply need to trust.

Perhaps you’re wondering.

Who stole the bride’s dress four hours before her wedding?  

(drum roll)

By the way, I didn’t make this up.

It was the groom’s former girlfriend.
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