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Archive for January 2019

One Way to Weather the Bad Weather

Does God control the weather?  Of course, He does, and many times the weather is severe. Remember the flood that caused Noah to build the ark.  Or do you recall how the Spanish Armada was diminished by the weather?  What about George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas night in a snow storm, catching the British off guard?  Hurricanes, tornadoes,…

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Even Jesus Need R and R!

Even Jesus needed R and R.  Luke writes how after healing a leper, he withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.  And he did this often. He needed quiet time and so do we.  Think about this for a second or two, we’re almost half-way through the first month of the year and we all have lots…

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What’s Your BHAG for 2019?

Mark shares the familiar tale of Jesus feeding the 5,000.  These people had been with Jesus all day and they were tired and hungry.  The disciples wanted to send them home, but Jesus told them to feed these people.  No way thought the disciples, this was an impossible task.  (There was no Publix close by and…

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