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Uh-Oh! That Advice You Ignored. . .

Today I ask you to step back in time with me to the mid-1950s. We’re going 30 miles south of Buffalo, NY via Route 16. . . .

Every good-weather-day in my sleepy hometown of Holland, Bob Lewis sat wheelchair-bound on his front porch.

Bob would watch the traffic and the occasional pedestrian strolling by. On school days, I lugged my trombone and books past his house. 

There were times when I was ahead of schedule, tired, or simply wanted to talk, so I’d stop and chat with Bob.

Some 40 years before cell phones and cable TV, he was hungry for human interaction. 

Bob, a devout Christian, told me I’d make a good minister. I thought he was nuts. That was not even ON my radar screen!

My goals were fame and fortune. Back then, I thought Christians were those who walked around with long faces and short pocketbooks.  

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re even chuckling at this point. Or wincing.


A man or woman who saw something in you that only he/she and God could see?

But, like me, you ignored the advice?

Genesis 37:28

So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and sold him for twenty shekels[b] of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt.

Sounds pitiful and hopeless, right? But Joseph endured his trials and rose to the top of the Egyptian power pyramid.

Towards the end of his life, he even reunited with his brothers and father. During one of Israel’s cruel famines, Joseph had the grace and good fortune to save them from starvation.

Back in my own “cistern,” I ignored Bob’s uncanny advice, lost my way from the Lord, and lived my days in anxiety about missing the things of the world I so desperately craved.

Almost like being sold into the slavery of my own ignorance.

But, like Joseph, God helped my feet regain the path. While I fell short of ministering a church, these 60-odd years later I absolutely love sharing the Bible with you each morning.

See how it works?

You can ignore the early advice and the neon signposts along the way—but that won’t stop God from sending you more nudges and pokes.

Look around. You may even have a Bob Lewis in your face as we speak.

Good for you!

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